Andycanty(UK) Pharmaceutical holding group co., Ltd is a company specialized in maternal and infant nursing with a brand of Canty. It was founded by professor of Cambridge University, UK and apothecary AndyJackson in London in 1967.

In order to make babies all over the world enjoy healthily the qualified washing and caring chemical articles, DonJackson, the heir of AndyJackson, established Andycanty(UK) Pharmaceutical holding group co., Ltd in 2002. He cooperated with Fujian Just Daily Chemicals Co.,Ltd, a company dedicated to research,production and sailing infant and child daily chemicals and highly valued by the consumers in China.DonJackson cooperated with him and established production base together and brought in green environmental, safe and healthy maternal and infant nursing concept to China. The joint-venture company made great investment in establishing EU standard GMPC production base,one hundred thousand grade sterile workshop, Equipment and Facilities, lab and testing in accordance with the international standards.

Based on the principle of “nature and health ,green environment”, the medical power and technical requirements from UK,Just Daily Chemicals Co.,Ltd invested highly in developing a new generation washing and caring chemical articles brand: Canty original ecological and pure infants nursing series products.